ADS-B and FLARM collision warning

Hello Guys!

I’m currently expecting an issue with the collision warning. Problem is that our clubs motorgliders have both - FLARM and ADS-B Transponder.
In the app I can only enter either FLARM or transponder Hex-Code.
So I’m always getting collision warning from myself…
I really like the app an appreciate the Skydeamon connectivity, but constant warnings are a bummer for me :confused:

Hope you guys have a workaround for me
Greets from EDHS!

Hello @Sanke
It is not usual to use two different system, but you are not alone and we are working on it, in order to give the possibility to mention 2 different hexa code…
Work in progress :wink:

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This is a known issue with all EC. The answer is to put the same code in each it doesn’t matter which one.

I have the same problem, I use ADS-B and FLARM. Would be great to solve this issue!

This is confirmed, next September release will include the ability to encode several transponder types and codes.

Stay tuned,

SafeSky Team