Safesky Alert from my own callsign

I have configured my aircraft.
When I select Take-off, I confirm using my aircraft.
When in the air I keep getting alerts that my own aircraft is 2s behind me.
How can I correct this problem.

Have you added your aircraft’s hex code in the aircraft settings and ticked that your aircraft is using a transponder if it is?

I have ticket that I am using a transponder. But where do I find the aircraft’s hex code?

no worries I found it. I will see if it works next time.

The hexa code is mentionned near you ´second’ aircraft. Please use this hexa code.
It will fix your issue.

Hi I have a problem with the double plane symbol (picking up own plane) and warning intermittently when safesky is connected to Skydemon. I also have a skyecho transmitting but this is not connected to this device.
All three devices/apps have my HEX code in and the transponder setting on safesky is set to ADSB because of the skyecho.

I’m probably missing something obvious but the HEX codes are all set and I can’t think what I’m missing or why it seems intermittent.

Any advice much appreciated!

Hi. Just wondering why you’re not using SkyEcho with SkyDemon? When you “fly” with SkyDemon do you use GDL90? Thanks

Thanks for the reply… I have two android devices. Essentially to back each other up with different GPS sources. One from skyecho and the other internal via skysafe and the GDL 90 protocol. Both showing via Skydemon as the maps are better

I’ve been impressed with what skysafe picks up and it’s basic reliability. The only problem is the double echo which I get about 50%of the time and the intrusive alert message. I did wonder if instead of inputting the HEX code I should load the plane details and then let it give me the option of saying the HEX code from skyecho is correct??

Thanks and sorry for the long delay.
With the last version of SafeSKY, the app detects automatically the double spot and suggest to encode the hexa code in your airplane configuration.
Did you try this new feature?
Keep me in touch


I’ll delete the HEX code I inputted and try letting it ask if the skyecho HEX is correct

I’ll let you know if it works



Thanks… Had chance to try a couple of times. Tried suggestions and still getting intermittent shadowing /double echo on Skydemon. Are the recent posts re scrambling HEX code to OGN relevant to this?? Thanks

Hello Glyn.

I will ask Tristan to come back to you.
Perhaps a call will be pertinent to understand exactly what’s the matter.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi Glyn,

Just an idea.
After checking with my config, Hex code is not proposed if you keep the same Callsign.
Could you try to modify your callsign and encode a new one (always possible to use the old after check) and let ICAO code empty.
Please after this retry during your next flight and see if SafeSky suggests the hex code to erase the double echo…

Thanks for your feedback helping us to make SafeSky better.


I’ll give that a try!!

It’s a very little bug already transmit to the dev team, but not yet fixed…

Keep me posted

Been for two 45min flights last week and no ghosting or double echo… Didn’t alter anything my end. Early days but seems you may have solved the problem. Thank you

Thanks for your feed-back.

Fly safe