How to ignore my Skytraxx Flarm?

I’ve been using the SafeSky app for some time now, and it has already helped me once to avoid a potential collision with another pilot who seemed not to be using Flarm, SafeSky, or visual scanning. However, there’s one persistent issue that bothers me: I constantly see myself on the app. I’ve tried entering the hex code as displayed on my Skytraxx 2.1, but to no avail. Additionally, I’ve used the code that the app continuously shows me, but this also hasn’t resolved the issue.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem or can offer a solution to stop seeing myself in the app? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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This is the “Double Echo”. It means that SafeSky receives by Internet your position in flight.
To avoid this effect, please inform in SafeSky the Hexacode using by SKYTRAXX.
Take a look on our pilot’s manual.

In the next version of SafeSky, you will be able to cancel this double echo just by clicking on the plane…End of March…

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