Working SafeSky App with Stratux on IP

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I would like to use SafeSky and Stratux together. There was a nice exchange about this at the Aero. Now the combination works only if the Stratux has the IP address (default). With this address only GDL90 works. But I have changed my Statux to, so that GDL90 AND “Flarm with Air Connect” works and I have the choice. Is there a way to get the SafeSky app to connect using the IP address

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You can try the following steps.
Slide off the button about automatic discovery and enter the new IP address.

In case of this will not work, I will ask Tristan to give you a more precise answer.

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Hello, indeed, SafeSky is using the default address for Stratux. It’s something we have spotted with other pilots too at AERO.

In the next release, there will be an option to enter a custom IP. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed.

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I am always wondering if we cannot make stratux communicate directly (API wise) with SafeSky. We could feed SafeSky with information stratux is seeing and SafeSky could feed Stratux. Your EFB (ForeFlight, SkyDemon etc…) would then simply just communicate with Stratux. A full stratux setup can see a lot of traffic, IMHO it’s a win-win…

This would make the whole setup a lot simpler and IMHO more safe to use…

any opinions for this?

Thanks, i will try this.

Hello @ul_pilot_tom don’t try yet the previous suggestion. The custom IP address is only available today for the EFB, not for the Stratux. In the next release, it will be added.

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SafeSky Team

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Hello @rvt ,

This is indeed an option, an is already partially implemented.

SafeSky is currently receiving traffic from the Stratux web socket (so kind of an API) and from the internet uplink. SafeSky then deduplicates traffic (ADS-B from Stratux and from ground stations), and is broadcasting to the EFB the traffic that Stratux is not seeing. So from an EFB point of view, it is receiving messages from SafeSky and Stratux seamlessly, each containing part of the global view. No need (yet) to have Stratux accumulating and redistributing.

In addition, SafeSky is also relaying to the rest of the community the traffic that Stratux is receiving. This is really great since this makes your stratux sharing with other pilots it’s ability to see traffic. And can only improve situation awareness for all pilots.

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Hi SafeSky, is this Problem fixed?

Hello, it’s now possible to enter a custom IP address for your Stratux device. Simply turn off “Automatic device discovery” and you will get a mask to enter the custom IP.

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