EasyVFR4 - Stratux - Safesky: Ghostplane

I use easyVFR4 on my ipad mini 5 with stratux and safesky.
My configuaration is

receive and send safesky
Ignore callsign xxxx (my callsign)

configured my aircraft with ADS-B out HEX-code
Statux is not setup as external device and not receiving data from stratux
Now I have a ghostplane on safesky, which I can ignore with th function. But on safesky, my friends see me still doubled. Are there any configurations I have to do additionally?

Is stratux sending any datas to safesky?

Anyone who can help me, please?

If you have a trasmission capable Stratux, it broadcast your position on 868 OGN frequency. If a ground station receive your position, it will be forwarded in some networks and can reach Safesky server and be forwarded to Safesky users via mobile network. In this case, you need to properly configure your Stratux to broadcast your HEX ICAO code.

Thank you!
I configured the stratux with my hex-code. It should transmit it.
I disabled the internet OGN transmission in stratux and will test it. Maybe that will solve the problem.

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