Garmin Pilot App

I am happy using the Garmin Pilot App to support navigation together with Stratux. Unfortunately I cannot find the Garmin App in your compatibility list. Are you planning on adding it? This would be a precondition for me to purchase your premium version.

Hi Chris!

Thanks for your message. It would indeed be great if the big Garmin could integrate SafeSky in their applications. We have been talking with them at Aero Friedrichshafen 2022 and they ‘are considering it seriously’, as the number of SafeSky users is expanding. But as you are the lucky user of a Stratux : why not connect it to a tablet/phone ? Together with SafeSky you will have the best traffic presentation on the market. You can even share the ‘direct’ traffic you collect with your Stratux to other pilots and becoming an active player of safety in the skies !

Hi Paul,

thank you very much for your quick answer! Indeed I have connected Stratux to my iPad mini already and enjoy seeing traffic on the moving map. It would be a wonderful enhancement if I could merge the traffic from Stratux with the SafeSky traffic on the same moving map.

So, until Garmin will decide on integration (which they should if ForeFlight can) I will then try out SafeSky separately on the iPhone.