Unable to log into my premium SafeSky app

Hi, I am stuck on the screen below and can’t log into my app. It tells me my password is wrong but I have used my usual saved one and cannot see how to change it. Also, I can’t seem to log into the aircraft Samsung android tablet with my credentials.

I can see from the screenshot that you are logged in with your Apple SSO. So I don’t understand what the problem is?
If you buy premium via the Apple Store, it’s automatically premium…
And of course, it’s impossible to log in on Android with an Apple SSO ID.
This means that your premium version is accessible on Apple Device using your Apple SSO. If you want to use your account on another device (Samsung tablet for example), you shouldn’t have hidden your email address, and you could have used it to log in to other devices.

Don’t hesitate to read our user manual, and more explicitly the configuration section.

Let me know how you purchased the premium version?
Yours sincerely

And to be honest, this way to work is managed by Apple and Google.
Using an SSO Apple on Android means that you can’t decide to hide your email address

Anyway, if you want modify your email address account to log in SafeSky, please contact Tristan at tristan@safesky.app to explain your request. This process requires a manual intervention on the pilot database.

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Hello @Flyboy333 ,

Thanks for your message.

We’ve been looking at your account, and everything seems to be fine.

Can you simply kill the App and try again? You should be prompted with the login page, and If you choose Apple ID, you should be logged in directly.

Please keep us posted. If the problem persists, you can contact us on support@safesky.app and we will assist you.

Fly Safe,