Safesky premium on Iphone <-->Skydemon on Android Tablet-->skydemon says..."Waiting for device"

Hello safesky-team,
my name is harry and I am a new member in your safesky world-
I couldn’t find any idea in this forum how to handle my problem.
So, my question, does it work at all, premium safesky on a apple os and skydemon on a Android OS?
If Yes, what did I wrong?
…Creating a hotspot on my Iphone------Connecting my tablet—open safesky on my iphone…open skydemon on my Android tablet;setup 3 Party device;GDL90;
“Takeoff”…Safesky “Start”; —>I can see Aircrafts…Skydemon says “Waiting for device”.
Many thanks for any idea, assumed it works as I think :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Best regards

Hi @safeskyquaxhatoeg

Android is always more complicated than iOS.
Probably an IP address issue…With iOS the automatic discovery of the IP address is ok. Not always with Android.
It means that you need to enter manually the IP address of your tablet and fill in in the trafic sharing menu.

Keep us posted !!

Many thanks for your Idea…Wilco… :wink: