Tab S2 8.0 - No SkyDemon GPS Data Link

I am trying to use my Tab S2 8.0 to run Sky Demon on my Sub70 flexwing, rather than my later 10" Samsung tablet.

Sky Demon works okay on the 10" tablet which I trialed last year on an old email address.

Installed it on my S2 today, current email address so the two are not linked, but no GPS. Unable to get the app to understand my location!

When I press the find my location at the bottom of the screen, a few seconds later it comes up with:

‘Your location cannot be obtained at this time’

When I plot a route and click ‘Go Flying’ it displays ‘Waiting for Location Data’ indefinitly.

Permissions are granted for Location and Storage in the App Settings.

My maps app can see my location, so GPS is working accurately.

Checked operating system is up to date, which it is. Android 7.

Updated all other software.

Optimised the tablet. Still loads of storage and RAM available.

No additional memory card fitted.

GPS is set to High Accuracy.

I have uninstalled the app, reinstalled the app, no difference.

Turned off and on the tablet, no difference.

Turned off, then on, but in Safe Mode. Maps location works okay, but can’t open many other apps in Safe Mode including Sky Demon to try.

Uninstalled Sky Demon and found back version APK of Sky Demon 3.16.9, which I installed, but same problem!
3.16.9 works perfectly on my 10" tablet and I was clutching at straws.

Running out of things to try!

Lots of people report that the Tab S2 is one of the best Android tablets to run Sky Demon, so it should be compatable!

Any ideas?

Regards Chris

Hi Chris.

For your information, this forum is dedicated to SafeSky.
May I suggest that you contact the SkyDemon team, via Facebook or email?
However, having read your comment, this is definitely an Android setting, not a SkyDemon setting. Android is often difficult to configure correctly.

Best regards,

Thanks for your advice.

I’ll try and find a Sky Demon FB group.