Support for enroute flying app

I use “enroute” flying app for navigation, but this doesn’t (yet) seem to work with safesky. I tried coupling today with generic GDL option as the enroute app is not listed in available choices, but does not seem to work.

  1. can you guys look into supporting “enroute” ?

  2. the developer of “enroute” wants to look into this also, but does not have access to safesky traffic as it is a paying feature, and enroute is a fully free open-source app. Could you guys arrange an account for him so he can do neccessary testing on his side also ?

please also see Integration with SafeSky · Issue #328 · Akaflieg-Freiburg/enroute · GitHub on github for reference.

If anyone want, i can help out with debugging or testing, but my gutfeeling says it’s a minor thing easy to resolve if both safesky and enroute look into this.


Same request from here.

Thank you.

It would be great if ‘Enroute’ were compatible with SafeSky. We don’t need to do anything, the GDL90 works.
So I advise you to contact Enroute support…

Best regards

Hello xtof,
thanks for zooming in.

i already contacted the enroute developer. he can not test it himself, as it is a premium feature.
As such i’m just requesting if it’s possible to give hime access to this feature. (enroute is fully open source - zero revenue)

thanks for looking into this.

PS - i agree, GDL90 works - i tried it with fly is fun, both the “fly is fun” and “generic gdl90” work as expected. I would love to see this work also in “enroute” though.

Thanks for your message.
Please ask the dvp of Enroute to contact directly @Tristan.


Now available !!

As Enroute cooperator (one of the italian official translators) and as premium user for SafeSky, I can confirm that traffic read by SafeSky is correctly represented on Enroute Flight Navigation.
There is a dedicated page on SafeSky website and a guide on Enroute (see screenshot).