Garmin Pilot integration?

Hello Safesky Team,

I am using Foreflight combined with your Safesky app. But I want to convert to Garmin Pilot and on your website it doesn’t show, that Safesky is compatible with Garmin Pilot. That’s so sad, because I really love your app!!!

Are there any plans to make Safesky and Garmin Pilot compatible in the near future?

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Hi @Baller372

Garmin Pilot recently opened up to GDL90, so it’s paradoxical that it’s taken so long for Garmin Pilot to open up to a protocol they developed themselves. Strange, but that’s the way it is.
Nevertheless, the integration of GDL90 into Garmin Pilot is not yet convincing. We’re in contact with the Garmin teams we met at AERO2023 to find a solution to this problem. The ball is in their court: on other EFBs, integration of the GDL90 works perfectly.
You can do the test yourself by specifying GDL90 generic in EFB and configuring Garmin Pilot correctly. Please refer to their documentation for the Garmin Pilot procedure.

We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we’re satisfied with the stability of this GDL90 integration.

Best regards,

I tried SafeSky with Garmin Pilot via GDL90. It had to turn on the option tu share SafeSkys Location via GDL90 aswell but then it works!

Correct, this is another way to work.
To simplify this, we’ll integrate the Garmin Pilot icon with the right settings.

The dedicated Garmin Pilot icon is here and it works! :slight_smile:

Affirm, given all pilot requests, we managed to officially integrate Garmin Pilot with SafeSky:

Fly Safe everyone,