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Hello! I am a new SafeSky Premium subscriber. I discovered SafeSky trough a recent article in the German Aviation Magazine “Fliegermagazin”. The article was quite enthusiastic about your software and featured a picture of an iPad showing the Garmin Pilot software and your software on the same screen. This has been quite decisive in my decision to subscribe by bypassing the free version and taking advantage of the limited offer for the Premium subscription. I discover now that SafeSky and Garmin Pilot are not compatible. How can it be? What did I miss?

I read the same article in the Fliegermagazin. The picture was with Foreflight, not Garmin. I am using Garmin Pilot myself and what you can do is run Safesky in SplitScreen-Mode and move it to either side with GarminPilot on the full screen. Unfortunately Garmin does not support split screen so you will have part of the Garmin Screen covered by Safesky. But it may be a work around.

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Thanks for this reply, Chris!

And yes, we would really love to see SafeSky be integrated in Garmin Pilot. We have been talking to Garmin at AERO in Friedrichshafen. They promised to look at it…
Let’s hope ?
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There was today a new release of Garmin Pilot, which now has generic GDL 90 support. Before I make the upgrade to a premium plan, can someone confirm that this means that Safesky can now be integrated into Garmin pilot? Would be really awesome…

Hello, thanks for the feedback.

We are going to perform some testing and report back If this is working.

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Any news on this? Compatibility with Garmin Pilot would be extremely helpful :smiley:!

Best Christoph

The next AERO is coming up! :wink: Any feedback from Garmin? They integrated many sensors in the meantime, why not your wonderful app? I would instantly switch to Premium as soon as I can use the App on Garmin Pilot!

Hello @Chris , we have done some testing, and it’s not ‘yet’ working 100% as expected. Traffic is appearing and disappearing for no obvious raisons.

We are getting in touch with Garmin to address the remaining issues.

Stay tuned :slight_smile:


Thank you Tristan for your prompt answer :smiley:. That is great to hear and the season is still young! :wink: Will I see Safesky on the AERO?

yes @Chris , come and visit us at ARTO, our booth is located at A6-404.

Until then, fly safe,


Hi Chris, Today i was flying with GP and I started Safesky in the background. Then I realized that my GP App was connected with an external device.

I pressed on the blue Bluetooth button on the uper right corner and I saw that a traffic source was connected and it was receiving 6 targets. I wondered and tried to enable the traffic and booooom… I had traffic targets on my GP!

it worked perfectly for me. I’m using Garmin Pilot (latest version). I selected the gdl90 option in Safesky.

Thank you very much Domenico for this information. I will definitely try this out with my configuration which basically is the same. :smiley:

Anybody from the SafeSky-Team commenting if there have been any changes in either software?

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Hi guy’s,
Not on our side.
Probably Garmin decided to finally fix the bug using the GDL90 interface.

I will try asap on my side.
Thanks for this feedback

I think, Domenico was somehow lucky. It‘s not working on my side. Most recent SafeSky and GP-versions and neither on an iphone11pro nor on the latest ipad-mini. GP somehow finds GDL90 but states that „GDL90 is stale“. Hope that is helpful for your further research … :wink:

Good news! I played around a little and found out that forcing GP to use SafeSky GPS-data in the Safesky settings makes the trick. Now, traffic is visible in GP. GP classifies all traffic received from SafeSky as ADS-B source, but that doesnt bother me.

@Safesky: You have a new Premium Customer :wink:!

Same on my side…

I find the way to work with GP.
Please in SafeSky, don’t choose Generic GDL90 but SkyDemon.
I don’t know why but we’ll investigate this and suggest a dedicated Garmin Pilot icon for connectivity.