Safesky with RunwayHD using GDL90

Hi Everyone,
I would like to be able to use safesky with my runwayHD, I’m assuming that this should work through the generic gdl90 option, I’m using IOS and I’ve tried on the same device or on separate devices (the generic gdl90 output works with my SkyDemon so I know the 2 devices can reach each other) does anybody have any experience of this or any guidance, I did search the forums but the only things that looked promising ended up being dead links. To make the communication more important runwayhd doesn’t support split screen.

Thanks for any help


Hello @Ford345

Indeed, if it’s working with SkyDemon, it should work with RunwayHD using “Generic GDL90”
and also toggle ON the option “Force to use SafeSky as a GSP source” under the “Traffic Sharing” menu.

I have tried with it configured as you suggest and I still get the same issue that after about 10 seconds I get “loss of gdl 90 data” I did notice though that even though the settings in safesky and the settings in runwayhd say use safesky for gps it shows a 5m accuracy whilst displaying the loss of gdl data warning.

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Actually, could you try to turn off ’ “Force to use SafeSky as a GSP source”’ from SafeSky, so that RunwayHD would use it’s own location source?

Why is it not recommended to set up this option?
Using it means that only the traffic is sent by SS to the Nav app and this last one uses its own local GPS, isn’t it? In that case, this could avoid to loose the position in case on network issue on the mobile (when using SS on a mobile and the nav app on a tablet). Right ?

The ideal is to reduce complexity. If SS and the Nav App is running on the same device, then the GPS hardware source is the same. So it’s best that the Nav App continues to get it’s position by itself.

ok. Thanx.
What is your recommendation when SS runs on a different device?

It’s an iPad you have, so internal GPS is actually very good. If you have SafeSky on a separate phone (just like me actually), don’t let SafeSky be the GPS source is better to me.

My setup to illustrate