Strange behavior / dual transmission

Hello All
Two days ago we noticed another strange situation, dual image.
Most of the flight information was ok, but in few cases (during same flight) I get dual image form my colleague ( see photo ).

PS. We still did not detect what cause often interruption / situation where signal is lost other plane track is wrong ( GSM signal in both situation is ok ) - do you have any idea ?



The double spot is very easy to fix. Probably that your friend didn’t mention the ADS-B hexadecimal code in SafeSky. That’s why you have a double spot in your screen. Please visit Our website or YouTube video where we explain how fix this.
Simply mention the hexa code of your transponder in the configuration of the plane.

For the other point, SafeSky is running though the mobile internet, sometimes we can fly over Blind spot or White area without mobile internet signal. We also notice that sometimes SafeSky lets see a lost signal logo, however internet seems running. We noticed this.
Please keep posted a brand new version with a lot of new features is almost ready. Keep an eye on the 28th of March 2022, 1 year birthday !!

Hello xtof, thanks for reply.

Now it is clear for me and make sense. Double spot came when is activated SS & transponder - by entering HEX code, SS send app info only.

We seen also that signal interruption ( in our group ) is evident more from pilot who use SS on Android devices, we are looking what could cause this - could be some app in background which “share” GPS ( maybe camera ? ), could be " battery saving" options ( which is now turned off by all ), which could reduce GPS use or turn it off … still unclear, but it is happened every time for some period ( low flying - below 2000ft MSL, constant LTE coverage, no GSM signal or Internet issue ).


Dear Marc,

You’re right. Configuration of an android device is more difficult than an iPhone. Sometimes Android could decide to switch off the app just to save battery for example. I’m using an iPhone/iPad and don’t encounter those kind of issues…But I can share with you that the development of SafeSky for Android takes more time than Apple iOS, for those kind of reasons.
However all android issues can be fixed with a good management of the phone parameters.
It will perhapes a good idea to have a dedicated place on our WebSite to explain the best Android config. Not easy to create because all manufacturer (Samsung, Huaweï, LG, etc.)have developed their own layers above the Operating System.

Best regards