Skydemon logs / Interuption / wrong heading

Hello all, her is some of my experience & issues:

  1. Skydemon - it is several issue with interface with SD, logs and data shown have very different values (see photo attached), SS shown right value, but SD not - how this was possible when SS send data to SD ?
    Please look all data fields, example average speed: SS 108 kt / SD 41 kt (?!)

  2. We flight in formation, I was lost other pilot position each time he take photo / use camera phone - is that mean that when phone internal GPS was used by camera could not be used by SS ?

  3. It is often some loosing position, interruptions & wrong headings - other plane was right in front of me (12 o clock ) but on app was shown 3 o clock and below - after 5-6 sec. It was shown correctly. Problem was happened few times. Signal was LTE and strong, so network was not an issue.

  4. “Waiting for device” is occurred always when SS was activated first and SD later. Opposite was ok. BUT this is happened only on iPhone (12), on IPAD it is always ok, doesn’t matter which app was started first.
    Very strange indeed.

  5. Log data on SD ( see and compare flight route ) not only many data mistake, but also GPS track was not detailed, for example: I was few 360 turn which was not shown at all. - it is very detailed when SD not use SS GDL.

I think it is great app, but bugs need to be fixed :hugs:

Uff, just realized that I could add one media /photo only ?


Dear Marc,

Thanks to be a premium user !

First of all, I can assure you that your issues are most of probably linked to your OS parameters. Personally I don’t meet those problems, using iPhone and iPad.

I transmit your comments to Tristan, CEO and developers of the app SafeSky and I’m sure that you will receive a detailed answers asap, explaining some tips to fix this.

Could you, please, check this parameter: > Settings / SafeSky / Location
→ Allow Location Access = While using the App
Precise location = Green (available)

You need to push on TAKE OFF (SSK) if you want that GDL 90 Transmits data to SD.

For the point 5, it’s strange. We will try to reproduce this issue.

Thanks …Keep me posted.

Hello xtof,

I don’t think that is related to settings as location was set as you described from start, and iOS is latest one (15.2). Yes, normally have to be activated “Take off” to get GDL connection … trying once again to add photos … please compare data.


Thanks for your feedback.

Tristan is aware of your issues, and is working on it in order to understand this difference.
On my side I’m using safesky and Skydemon on the same iPad Wirth a share screen (split view), and the difference between the two logs is only depending when I decide to start SafeSky vs Skydemon.

Hi Christophe,

Thanks for understanding. Issue I have happened each time I use it.

Of course, apps was started each time together so this could not be a reason, so starting app- first SD then SS ( opposite I have message “Waiting for device” )
Im electronic engineer and as I understand, in GDL mode, SD receive data & GPS form SS, not opposite.
But just look same route recorded - it is obvious that is missing details on SD, or it is not sent correctly & frequently enough to SD.

This is very strange - SS record route ok, but SD missing details and also many GPS gaps occurred.
See details, there is no any 360 turn shown on SD, there is mostly straight lines, but same route is very clear in SS.

Find in att. zoomed screenshot both SS and SD you will see route difference record from my yesterday flight
Notice huge difference between log record, and message of missing data - why is so many GPS data missing ?

Do you use apps on split view, BUT without “interconnect" them via GDL protocol ?
I mean, do you use it as standalone apps ?

If this is the case, this is completely different situation then - problem is GDL …

Let me know if you need something else from my side…



Thanks for your feedback.
Tristan will take contact with you soon to ask you to become a beta tester.
I did some tests today on iPad during my flight with ait be able to reproduce your issues.
The route on SafeSky seems to be ok. Please check the configuration of SkyDemon concerning the record of the trace enroute.


Hello Marc,

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedbacks.

After investigations, indeed are some differences using GDL90, and we have started investigating. Thanks for having spotted that.

In the mean time, given your interest and expertise, would you mind contacting me by email on so that I could enrol you to our beta testing program?

I will follow up on this post when a fix is ready.

Fly Safe