Some additional infos about the upcoming SafeSky Tracker?

Good morning SafeSky Team!

Great to hear that a portable SafeSky receiver is coming soon! I’m very excited! :slight_smile:

Maybe you could answer some of my questions:
if I understand it correctly, the tracker will connect by its own to the GSM network to get all the traffic that is provided (like on the mobile app).

Additionally to that, you have build in a native 1090 Mhz and 868 Mhz receiver to be able to receive direct traffic if mobile connectivity is los ?

How does the receiver handle targets that are received by mobil and directly on 1090 or 868 Mhz? Which one will be shown on the EFB?

  1. Would you tell us some more infomrations about the used hardware platform?

  2. Is it possible to get a tracker for a beta test prior the official sale ?

Thank you very much for your time…