Very nice but not ready

I bought a premium sub to see this work. It did not work.
Not (yet) integrated to XCTrack and no BLE connection for my Flarm.
I would like to cancel with a refund, but don’t see how to do it.
Do you have email?
When it is out of dev status I might well come back.

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same for me, bought the premium. Thought safesky is already integrated in xctrack, and you will see all the traffic in the xctrack map. But could not find any way to config this or to find any information, how to…
In xctrack settings, there is a tic to activate but nothing similar in the safesky settings.

OK I struggled but am an old technophobe. But with patient help and instruction from Christoph and Tristan I got there.
Just returned from a Fairoaks to Conington and return o/h Luton.
Worked perfectly.

I had hoped that there would be a way bail out and get a refund since it cannot work for me.
Does not feed my preferred app and does not connectto device via bluetooth.
Distance selling in the UK and Europe does require that I should be able to.
I don’t see how to do it, this is my only means of contact and Safesky are not reading this.

I felt like that but rationalised that at c£25/30 it was a small cost in the grand scheme of flying costs/budget - so worth a one year try. The support I received was sufficient to overcome my difficulties. And free or +£ for Premiun it was more economic over 10 years than other devices even after the CAA subsidy.
EC informs me of traffic which often we can’t see so has increased my scan. I’m safer…

What support? Are you the support?

Investigating the hotspot tethering issue between my phone and tablet (without sim card) Direct from SafeSky personnel.
Not me - I’m the arch technophobe.