Sky echoe and safesky

I am experimenting with receiving skyecho onto SafeSky ,I like the traffic alerts and I like SkyDemon running independently using its internal gps. But it would appear when cell phone reception is lost it’s all lost including sky echo. I would like to be aware that cell phone connection is lost but allow the nformation recieved from sky echo to continue to be shown on SafeSky until such time that cell phone data is re enstated and can again supplement the information from sky eco.

Hello Jonny,
I am curious. I presume you have a SkyEcho 2 in your aircraft? SkyEcho 2 communicates by WIFI to SkyDemon. It doesn’t communicate via the cell network.

Or, do you mean you are receiving other aircraft’s SkyEcho 2 transmissions (ADS-B Out) that SafeSky is receiving?

If so, you will always need a good cell phone connection to receive data into your SafeSky application.

Hope this helps.


Hi Tony

I have watched utube video (Safesky + Skyecho) , It led me to believe when configured to do so safesky could receive data directly from skyecho – through wifi link as well as receiving data from cellphone network.

This would be good , if cell phone signal is lost safesky would still receive Skyecho Data which could be visualised on safesky with audio alerts also coming through safesky.

I would like this solution as I don’t like to clutter up skydemon with traffic or force skydemon to use 3rd party gps device to run it .

Have I misinterpreted the video?.

Hello Jonny,

I think you may have missed one important reason why you should be using the GPS in your SkyEcho 2.

The SkyEcho 2 contains a baro sensor so that your “own ship” altitude is always referenced to 1013.2 hPa.

Remember that your SkyEcho 2 is receiving ADS-B IN data from transponder equipped aircraft and, if you have paid for the annual licence, FLARM equipped gliders etc.

This allows SkyDemon to use its clever collision avoidance algorithms which now all use a common altitude reference of 1013.2.

I am not sure if SafeSky can work as you describe. It may be that SafeSky is receiving data from other aircraft’s SE2 devices and that data is getting to you via the cell phone network.

That isn’t quite the same as your SE2 receiving ADS-B IN data directly via its own built-in receiver.

My aircraft has a transponder with ADS-B OUT and I have a SE2 configured for ADS-B IN (only). This set-up works very well with my SkyDemon EFB running on my Android smartphone.

I am still to experiment with SafeSky on my smartphone.

Hope this helps.