Safe Sky and Sky Echo - displaying FLARM traffic

I have a question concerning the display of traffic received by SkyEcho. Is SafeSky able to display FLARM traffic received by SkyEcho or does it only display ADS-B traffic? I am wondering because in other software, for example Sky Demon, you have to pay for FLARM decoding.
Thank you!

FLARM trasmits on a different frequence from ADSB.
ADSB (standard) 1090Mhz
ADSB (UAT) 978Mhz
FLARM (europe) 868 MHz

In Europe, the UAT is not jet implemented (Only Uavionix in GB is making some tryouts), so the 978Mhz receiver is virtually useless and the relative SDR can be configured to receive 868MHz FLARM protocol. On Skyecho website they talk about this feature, so I think it is possible to do what you are wondering.

So if you fly in Europe (not Great Britain) you can do it, but remember, you cannot use trasmitting capabilities of Skyecho. Outside GB it is forbidden to use not certified trasmitters in 1090 band.