Safesky bombs out when connected to Skydemon


If I use Skydemon to access Safesky via gdl 90 then Safesky stops recording or showing traffic after about 50 sec. Skydemon does not report loss of gdl 90 connection. These two aps are running on the same neewly device Nokia T10. If I run Safesky and Skydemon separate on the same device NokiaT10 without connecting Skydemon with Safesky. Then Safesky records the whole the whole flight. Skydemon seems to affect operation of Safesky when connected together via gdl90.
This happened on my last flight the 26. Oktober. This has also happened few times before. Does anyone have any idea what is happening?

Hi @Bernhard,

Please visit our user manual, especially the pages dedicated to Android users. You need to be careful with the settings, especially if SafeSky is running in the background.

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I did follow the guidline regarding the article provided. Been flying recently and I get the same result. Safesky stops logging after one minute or so. I investigated this further. Skydemom does not complain loosing gdl90 connection with SafeSky and SkyDemon seem s to show traffic via SafeSky even the SafeSky logging is not operating or stops. So the question is if the SafeSky logger has some quirks here. Perhabs I just ignore the SkySafe logger in the future?

Thank you for your comments.
Can you confirm that your phone was not connected to a local wifi (as a device or glasscockpit) during your flight?
Flight check-in is carried out by the phone and its GPS chip, which means that even if the internet connection is lost, check-in is still in progress.
The problem is that we can’t reproduce this problem, so it’s difficult to understand from our side.
So the more information you can give us, the better our chances of solving this problem.


Both SafeSky and SkyDemon where run on same tablet: Nokia T10. This tablet has also simcard installed.

Sorry forgot to mention but the tablet was not connected to other devices

Hi agin

Had two flights today. Used as before: Tablet Nokia T10. Both safesky and Skydemon where running on the same device. Skydemon connected via gdl90. On the first leg which lasted about 37 minutes the logger stopped logging after 31 mínutes. On the second leg (home) which lasted about 39 min. the logger stopped after about one minute after takeoff. The traffic seen on Skydemon was however intact and no problem at all.
Skydemon never reported loss of SafeSky connection via gdl90. The logger seems to have some problems in my case. Hope this info helps

We try to reproduce your problem without success.
No problem on our side…
I transmit this to our dev team…

Thanks for this comment.

Seems to be stable now - no drops out in recent flights😉