SkyDemon connection through iPhone hotspot


Unfortunately I cannot establish the traffic sharing connection to SkyDemon when using SafeSky through a hotspot:

  • SafeSky is running on my iPhone
  • SkyDemon on my iPad
  • iPhone has hotspot enabled and iPad is connected to it
  • Traffic sharing (SkyDemon) is enabled
  • Both apps are in flying mode

In the following situations traffic sharing DOES work correctly:

  • iPhone and iPad connected to the same WiFi network (obv not possible in flight)
  • SafeSky is running on the iPad (same as SD), and connected to the internet through the iPhone hotspot

The latter would be a realistic option in flight, however it seems better to be able to share the CPU load somehow. Also, I remember that the setup that now doesn’t work, did actually work a couple of months ago (maybe last summer, don’t exactly remember).

Anyway, love to hear your thoughts and thank you in advance!