SafeSky 2.0 problem

I use Safe Sky with iPhone 12 pro, iOS 15.3 and iPad mini 4 with SkyDemon in hotspot with the phone. The system always worked fairly well. After updating to version 2.0, I was no longer able to connect the two applications in any way. With automatic search or with fixed IP it no longer works! Any suggestions?

Same problem here after upgrading to 2.0. I’m using SafeSky with ForeFlight. The integration worked fine before, but now it seems like ForeFlight no longer receives data from SafeSky. Have rechecked the settings in SafeSky several times and ensured it’s set up to work with ForeFlight. Would be great if you could take a look at this and provide a tutorial for how to set up things correctly.

Hello @Nick and @kribar,

I test it just now with ForeFlight and Skydemon without any issues.
May I ask you to check config? With the version 2.0, we add the possibility to choice the navigation app…
I invite you to visit our website / Page Inter-operability. The way to define the GDL 90 connection is a bit different…

Please find here enclosed

Screenshot iPhone 12 and iPad with ForeFlight (working as well with SkyDemon)

Please keep me posted…

Tutorial is existing.
Please visit our website

Thank you for the quick answer. Have read through the information and checked out the tutorial. Unfortunately there was not any new information and the steps was the same as I had already tried.
Below there is a screenshot from my iPad mini (5th generation) with iPadOS 15.4.1 installed. I am running both SafeSky and ForeFlight on this device. As you can see SafeSky isn’t detected in ForeFlight after “taking off” in the SafeSky app.

Same for me too! I have reviewed the whole configuration (nothing difficult), I have also tried with different networks but it doesn’t work anymore. It remains fixed with “Waiting for Device”.

Hello @nick and @kribar,

Thanks for the feedbacks, we are looking into this new issue, as it seems to be special circonstances causing the problem.

In order to make a diagnostic, could you please send me by email to

  • a screenshot of the “Traffic sharing” configuration screen
  • make sure you have selected from the configuration screen “Legal” => “Send anonymous data”
  • provide me with the email you used to create your account at SafeSky.
  • Select “Take off” from SafeSky with the traffic sharing activated as normal, wait for 3 minutes, , and then “stop”. This will provide us with diagnostic information.

Thanks in advance for your help, and we apologise the inconveniences

Fly Safe,

SafeSky team

Following the diagnostic, the screenshots are indicating that you have activated “Generic GDL90” from the external traffic device. If you simply turn it off, this should work as before.

It seems that it’s not very clear for pilots what these configuration options mean. The first option block is to share traffic with SkyDemon and other navigation software (Known as EFB for Electronic Flight Bag). The second bloc (external device) is when you own a device such as SkyEcho or Stratux or PowerFLARM, you can add up traffic information, and the external device remains the primary source of information for GPS.

We will take initiative to prevent this mis-understanding.

Thanks a lot for pointing this out,

SafeSky Team