Sky Demon Foreflight and SDVFR with GDL90

SafeSky develops its interconnectivity allowing traffic to be displayed directly on your favourite navigation applications.

As of now, SafeSky can interact with the latest navigation applications using the GDL90 protocol. This feature is available for pilots with an annual ‘Early Bird’ subscription.

Setup is very easy: Interconnectivity and GDL90 protocol - SafeSky

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This week have used the GDL90 protocol in conjunction with SkyDemon - magic! I was even able to vector another SafeSky equipped aircraft to a particular point of interest using his ‘extended nose’ on SD - worked perfectly!

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What do I have to do, if I’m already flying and SkyDemon is already in the flight mode, and I forgot to switch on SafeSky?

So how can I make SkyDemon connect to SafeSky when SkyDemon is already in the Fly-mode and SkyDemon was started with “Use location service” and not with “Use GDL90 Compatible Device”?

Probably “Stop navigation” back to Planing mode and start the “Fly”-mode again, this time with the “Use GDL90 Compatible Device”….


Anybody using a dual hardware configuration in flight ie navigation software on one device, safesky on the other device ? If yes, how do you establish the connection between the 2 devices: both of them are connected to internet ? The one which is hosting safesky is in tethering mode, and the other connected to internet via the first one ?
Wifidirect ? BT ?

I am using a Samsung tab s2 8 inches hosting Skydemon: when both app are on the device and the device connected to internet via my smartphone in tethering mode, it works well but I miss the safesky screen.

If I run safesky on my smartphone configured in tethering mode, the tab s2 connected to internet, it works as well (I have the two screens in parallel) but Skydemon doesn’t display the right bottom radar in navigation mode, very strange.

Unless I have missed something the Safesky doc on the web is not providing very precise info regarding how to connect practically 2 devices.


Correction: today the Skydemon radar shows up when the smartphone is running safesky → perfect configuration. Don’t understand why yesterday this radar was not displayed…

If you already any of other app you see the traffic on thos apps any way why you need to pay for another app

Hello Danny, for information, none of the software mentioned above have in-flight traffic information. They have compatibility with external devices, such as Stratux or SkyEcho2. But then they are limited to the traffic those receivers can provide,. On the other hand, SafeSky is showing 14 different types of traffic, which adds more traffic significantly. And soon, operating drones will also be visible to SafeSky pilots.
Therefore, running those 2 together is a perfect match to focus both on navigation and have traffic awareness on a single device.
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