Newbie question - SafeSky, SkyDemon and an Android tablet

Hello all, got myself in a bit of a muddle here.
I run SkyDemon on a Galaxy tablet running the latest Android OS. I use PilotAware as my EC device and have recently upgraded that to run iGRID which required a seperate wi-fi dongle to connect to the internet via a phone.

I’ve paid for the premium SkySafe subscription but not sure what device to run the app on:

  • Google Play tells me SafeSky’s not available for my device (Galaxy Tab A 2016) - not sure why?
  • I have the app installed on my iPhone so if I use the GDL 90 option in SkyDemon, will that allow it to ‘talk’ to SkySafe on my phone via the wifi link for iGRID?
  • If I’m running iGRID on PilotAware already, does SkySafe bring anything else to the party?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Kav,

I am just trying to work through the PAW+Safesky at the moment. I don’t know why its not for your version of Samsung. Even though I have successfully run SkyDemon and SafeSky on the same Samsung I had issues with SafeSky closing.

I am just trying running Safesky on one Android Tablet (Cheap Yuntab) and SkyDemon on my main tablet (Samsung ActiveTab 3) and the connection works just fine. There is a setting to ‘tag’ all tracks from Safesky in the settings, which prefixes the callsigns on the tracks with ss e.g. ssGABCD.

My PAW has iGrid and a good connection, sitting at my desk this evening (between Manchester and Birmingham, 10 feet below an OGN-R station) PAW is picking up Manchester traffic to the North, with one SafeSky track and Safesky is showing the traffic arriving and departing Birmingham and a helicopter near Derby.

The PAW needs to have the 'Device Connection Setting set to All (PilotAware, GDL90, and Flarm) protocols) so that SkyDemon can receive both the PAW and Safesky using GDL90.

Edit - Just adding I have both tablets connected to the old PAW WiFi and the new iGrid WiFi connected to my phone for internet.

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Thx Cottie.