SafeSky timeout due to inactivity

As of Version 2.0 SafeSky seems to timeout, switches itself out of fly mode and disables the GDL90 interface to SkyDemon. This is not a device specfic problem as I have two independant devices running on the aircraft following the same route. Both disconnect.

To clarify. I have SafeSky and SkyDemon running on an IPad and an IPhone. Each device has its own cellular internet connection. I.e they are independant, but the problem occurs on both devices albiet at different and random times. See inactivity message below. When this a happens SafeSky displays the “Flight logs” page.

Until today I have had faultless service from SafeSky, but this problem renders the product useless.

Hello @simonsmart99

We introduce a feature to stop SafeSky when inactivity is detected.
I don’t understand why the second device running Skydemon and NOT SafeSky has the same problem? Could you be more precise?

Anyway Tristan is on your issue and we will come back asap…

Thanks in advance and sorry for the inconvenience…

Hello SafeSky

Many thanks for your reply.

I have both an Ipad and an Iphone running when I fly to provide device redundancy.
Both devices have a sim card and receive their own mobile data.
The Ipad runs SafeSky and Skydemon using GDL90.
The IPhone also runs SafeSky and SkyDemon using GDL90.
They are complety autonomous in case one had to fail.

SafeSky which runs on both devices failed with the inactivity alert, which is to be expected if this is indeed a new feature as you have suggested.

I did notice this happening when I had set SafeSky to fly mode before takeoff and the takeoff was subsequenly delayed. I fly an open cockpit microlight which makes restarting SafeSky midair fairly challenging.
When using GDL90, SkyDemon obtains its GPS source from SafeSky. When SafeSky shuts down due to inactivity I obviously lose my GPS source, and this happened midair whilst flying yesterday.

Can you confirm why an “inactivity” feature is even required? Surely if I decide to consume mobile data that is my own choice. If this “feature” is to remain can you at least provide a user specified timeout duration, with the option of selecting an indefinate period? ie “never”.

Kind regards