SafeSky, SkyDemon and Dynon Skyview?

Now that the iPad that is running SkyDemon no longer requires to be connected to any external WiFi traffic source, can I connect the iPad Wifi with Dynon SkyView to be able to send flight plans from SD to the SkyView? I am afraid no because as far as I remember such option only shows up when being in flight mode with Dynon as the location source.

If you have a SIM card in the iPad, you have an Internet connection needed by SafeSky. In this case, you can connect your iPad with your Dynon using the WIFI of Dynon (I don’t use Dynon, but I think that’s the way used by a friend who’s flying with Dynon and iPad)

Gave nice flighft .

Yes, this is what I expect. Question is if SkyDemon is connected to Dynon as a Wifi client, it might only listen to GDL90 broadcast coming from this subnet and therefore ignore the GDL90 broadcast coming from SafeSky - this may be resolved by manually entering the iPad’s client IP in SafeSky that it receives from the Dynon WiFi access point. Will be testing this soon and report.

I’m curious to see what the result will be

My today’s test unfortunately was not successful. As planned, the iPad was connected with the Dynon WiFi and the iPad’s client IP was manually set in SafeSky. When activating “Go Flying - Use Dynon SkyView” in SkyDemon then no traffic was displayed. When activating “Go Flying - Use GDL90” traffic was displayed but Dynon was ignored as a position source.

Thank you for this feedback.