Safesky and Skyecho issue


I use a OnePlus 8 pro with Android 13. I am unable to use mobile data when connected to Skyecho wifi.

As a workaround I use the Speedify app to be connected to both…

I use this recipe to connect.

  1. Connect to Speedify VPN app.
  2. Connect to Skyecho wifi.
  3. Starting Safesky and choose “fly”.
  4. Starting Skydemon and and choose fly>GDL90.

I can now see traffic in Skydemon. However I get this message in Safesky saying “waiting for Skyecho”

I have checked all the settings and the setup should be fine…

How do I resolve this?

Btw; The “sy” before the callsign, is that traffic from Skyecho ?

in Android 11, somewhere in Android configuration menù, I selected “use mobile data only” for Skydemon and Safesky.
When connected to my Stratux or Rosetta Wi-Fi, I can still receive internet data both for SD and SS.

Yes, the first two letters specify if the positional data is from SafeSky or External Device. Safesky send to Skydemon the Most Recent Position.

I also has the “Waiting for Stratux/Ignore” message. It is a bug I am waiting to be resolved by Safesky team, but because I’m using Skydemon as traffic display source, i dont care a lot of this issue.

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There is Android is a bit funny when it comes to use Data and LTE simultaneously.

There is a resource about this on SafeSky User Manuel:

Fly Safe,


I occasionally have issues with getting mobile internet working when using my SkyEcho 2 and SkyDemon. I found that this solutions works every time:

  1. Open up SkyDemon and select “Go Flying”.
  2. Select SkyEcho 2 as your source.
  3. SkyDemon says “Waiting for device” (or similar).
  4. Power up your SkyEcho 2.
  5. After perhaps 10-20 seconds the SkyDemon advisory message should disappear and start communicating with SkyEcho 2.
  6. Internet data should be functioning.
  7. Confirmation of a good internet connection is by observing the SkyDemon wind and direction graphic to show valid data.

I hope this helps


When do you open Safesky?

I want to utilize broadcasting of ADS-B from Skyecho to the Safesky network also.

Hello Jonas,
I am not currently a user of Safesky as:

  1. I want to get some answers first regarding altitude references of aircraft information received by Safesky,
  2. I am waiting for confirmation that Safesky will function satisfactorily (in the background) on my small screen smartphone along with SkyDemon. I can’t have a split screen display and SkyDemon is always what I want to see an use.

I was just commenting on an occasional issue I have experienced with SkyDemon and SE2 with regards to internet communications, and my “fix” for that.


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