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How can I delete airplanes in my Hangar. Some are twice, doubles.

Hello Franck,

and thanks for giving SafeSky a try :slight_smile:

To delete an aircraft, simply click on it, and click “Delete Aircraft” at the bottom of the screen.

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Hi Tristan,

I don’t see any delete button in my iOS version…

And how can we get into our Hangar? Only via Take-Off at the main screen?

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Hi Frank, from the beginning.
Click on the small Aircraft button, lower right corner; then you get the list of aircraft.
if you tap once on the airplane, you get a window with the call sign, the model, the type… at the bottom of that specific screen, there is a “delete aircraft” button. That should work; if it does not, please make a screenshot so that we can investigate… fly safe!

Okey thanks. That works fine.

I have added also my hot air balloons into my hangar. These photos are portrait and are cut by the system to landscape. Result is that only a small part of the balloon image is visible.

Don’t worry @CaptainHighFlyer …the most important is to identify your airplane/hot air balloon, or others. I’ve the same with my aircraft, but it’s look nice !

On my side of view, of course. Fly safe !