Plane details

hi can someone please help…i have accidently got rid of any plane details and i don’t know how to get them back on.when i click on a plane it does not give any details anymore…is there a way to re activate this feature…thanks

Hello @Shane ,

If you select a random plane, there should be at least one box appearing at the bottom of the screen. If you click on it, it will take you to the full details. You can then either flag them as favorites (the heart icon) so that they appear on the map screen, and the top left icon allows you to re-order them too.

Please let me know if this it fixing it, or is it that you totally unselected all details?

Hello Tristan
Thank you for replying so quick…yes i Have totally unselected all details and don’t know how to bring them back….when I click on a plane it just goes blue

Ok, no problems, there should have been a check on that screen that prevents from cutting the branch you are sitting on :slight_smile:

A new release will ship this week, we are going to remedy this with this update.

I keep you posted.

Thank you

@Shane I confirm this is coming up in the next release :slight_smile:
Thanks for having shared this bug.

Fly Safe