Poor ADSB coverage in Ireland

As we gain more experience using SafeSky it has become very obvious that ADSB coverage in Ireland is limited at low level, say, 3,000 feet. FR24 shows many more traffic items. Also experience an anomaly when flying alongside a companion aircraft at 2,500’. He had run out of battery on his phone so I was now receiving his position via ADSB hub. For a period of time near the centre of the country he was shown at FL80. This reverted to 2,500’ a few minutes later.

GSM coverage has been shown to be very good with little ‘dropout’. Distances and heading to ‘Fellow Pilots’ is a great feature that has led to a number of safe rendezvous.

Dear Pilot,

Thanks for those information. The best solution seems to use SafeSky for all pilots!
Nice new features will be available very soon, with the next version 1.1.0.

Fly safe

Thanks for the replies on this subject. Still gaining experience with the app & happy with the results.

Flew last Sunday in company with another RV7 equipped with ADSB. We covered almost 300nm including 2 low passes at airfields. The ADSB coverage was at best intermittent whereas SafeSky never lost contact. At one stage near EIKN, in the west of Ireland, we had one RV7 visual in front of us, 3 lighter aircraft under our wing and one other with a malfunctioning Mode S transponder close by. Unfortunately we were the only aircraft with SafeSky - hopefully this situation will change fast!

A little experience with the App has changed my mind on the necessity of ADSB coverage. Of course it would be great if every aircraft had ADSB out & in but it is not going to happen. On the other hand if everyone has SafeSky our flying world would be much safer and more fun!

I totay agree.

Thanks and have good flights.