North up!

Hallo SafeSky team,
I’d like to have the possibility to use ‘North up’ on my device. I use this in SkyDemon as well. Now there is a different view and can cause problems in locating other aircraft (looking/searching outside) in the vicinity.
Regards, Joost van Meurs

It’s already there. Just go into preferences, maps and select or deselect map track up

Select or deselect map track up makes no difference, North up can not be fixen on North. Working on iPad Pro iOS 15.5.

I think with it turned off like that it opens as North up. Try both and see the difference

I tried both, North is following the movement of my device!?!?!

Think Tristan needs to answer this or another admin

How do I reach Tristan or another admin?

I’ve sent them a message, they should answer on here soon. Cheers

Thanks for your help! Bye for now . . .

Hello Joost,

Thanks for your message. You have indeed found the setting that allows to choose if map should be oriented North up or Track up.

By default, when you are not in flight, the map view will always show north-up. Only when selecting “Track up”, the map will orientates using the flight direction. This can sometimes be confusing.

But from what I read from your first post, in your case, the map is not north up?

In order to make a diagnostic, as that sounds like a bug, could you please:

  • ensure that under the “Legal” menu you enable “Send anonymous data”
  • post here a screenshot of SafeSky with the map showing the incorrect view
  • send me en email to with the email you are using to login into SafeSky

Thanks a lot for your help on this,

Fly Safe,


Using iPad Pro running iOS 15.5, see also my separate e-mail.

ee also my seperate

Hello Joost,

Thanks for the email and the posts here. Pretty clear now.

There are no bugs, just a misunderstanding: the “North up” / “Track up” in SafeSky is only intended for the map. The radar view is always “Track up”.

I will push this internally to hear what the team has to say about that. Unlike the map, it’s very unusual to have a proximity radar with alerts always showing North.

What about you guys on the forum: would that make sense to also have the option to have the radar North up?


Option would be good but if not my preference is always track up

I prefer North-up as I fligh/use SD also North-up in splitscreen together with SafeSky.
Regards, Joost

I prefer track up, in radar mode. Indeed, if there is a warning, I just have to look in the direction of the alert too find the trafic.
In case of north up, I have to do a gynastic of the mind to know where I should look. In track up, the eyes look directly in the right direction.

Now who can do more can do less. But I’m not sure it’s a good idea to make it more complex to find the traffic when in track up, there’s no way to go wrong.

That’s my opinion and I do not oblige anyone to share it.

Have nice flights