Latest update addition

Hi, In the latest update there seems to be an additional setting that has been added in settings which you do not mention in the change log.
It is under “Map” and is called “Compass map rotation” This a new feature it would appear alongside the original “Map track up”
Can you explain the difference please?
Also I have noticed with Safesky running on my ipad in the cockpit which is mounted at an angle then the traffic it sees is lined up with the direction the ipad is pointing and not where my aircraft is pointing. Which of these settings should we use so that Safesky shows what is ahead of me? I presume it’s the map track up??


The compass map rotation is only used grounded. We deployed this feature in order to facilitate the visualisation by the AFIS in the Tower when they position the screen (iPad) in front of the runways. Nothing to see with ‘Track Up’ using during a flight and not when you are grounded.

Regarding your 2nd comment, I can confirm that the visualisation of the traffic on the screen /SafeSKy is aligned with the direction of your flights and not the position of you iPad, except of course if you are grounded due to the fact that you are not moving and the app can’t validate your direction (same with GPS inside a car).

Please keep me posted if answers are crystal clear :wink:

Fly safe