Wrong positioning

Hello all,

we was flown friday afternoon (2 days ago) - local flight, two AC, both with SS on. Issue is that aircraft which is in front of me ( and I was constantly see him) I it was shown in the app well behind me.

How is this possible ? This could be dangerous and quite confusing situation … maybe you have log in the system and you could check details - AC is 9ADHM & 9AURI

When flying do you have SafeSky in North up or track up?

track up … but this is irrelevant as app shown 6 o’clock and actual position was 12 o 'clock …

Were you equipped with multiple transponders (e.g. SafeSky and FLARM or ADS-B or Mode-S)?
Did the problem occur permanent or just once?
Did both SafeSky apps show the green dot (active connexion) at that time?

Hi Marc,

Most of the time SafeSky gives a fairly accurate position of nearby aircraft, especially if the aircraft concerned are using SafeSky which helps to reduce latency. However, it is possible that for various reasons that are not always well defined, such as a poor internet connection for a few moments, or sometimes also the position of the phone or tablet in the cockpit, that the position given is not totally accurate. But this situation should soon become normal and correct.
Please note that SafeSky is a Situation Awareness application, and as such informs you of nearby traffic. We have taken the option to present you with the position known by the system because we find this option less anxiety-provoking than the option taken by Garmin which, for information, removes the position as soon as the airctraft is too close to simply inform you of the proximity. This is a choice that our team made following the excellent positioning information from SafeSky. But please, never forget to look outside, SafeSky is an aid to viewing the surrounding traffic.

Please also let us know if this is a constant phenomenon or just sporadic.

Good flights.