I need help setting up SafeSky and SkyMap

Hello everyone. I have also been using SafeSky since last year. I would now like to synchronize SafeSky with Sky Map. I have set all the settings as SafeSky requires. Unfortunately no success, there is no display on SkyMap. As a test, I synchronized SafeSky with SkyDemon and it worked. Does anyone have an idea where the error could be? Greetings.


On SafeSky, just choose SKY-MAP in the list of EFB, be sure that external device is not active !!! (if you are not using a SkyEcho or Stratux).
On safesky don’t forget to push on TAKE OFF. Traffic is not shared if you don’t do that.
Important: check the filters on SafeSky to be sure to share maximum traffic in your vicinity.
That’s all on the SafeSky side.

On Sky-Map, activate the GDL90 to receive traffic. See Sky-Map manual for more information about the integration of the traffic through the GDL90.

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