No traffic in foreflight after loss of signal and reconnect

safesky connects and displays traffic normally in foreflight however when climbing and loosing cell connection it disconnects and doesn’t reconnect at all even when internet is restored… the only way to get it back is to close and re-open safesky

Hi @partweger,

Thank you for your message. We’ll investigate this issue and provide feedback soon. We appreciate your patience.

I have same issue on my ipad mini with Skydemon.

Please check if the tablet has always a valid connection LTE, and not connected to a WIFI.
I have a Garecht Air Avionics product, and sometimes my iPad makes a WIFI connection with this product, if LTE is lost. That’s why I decided to forget definitely this network, in order to avoid this issue.

we have a data logger that has a wifi and to prevent it from connecting the wifi is set off on the ipad.
loss of lte is the issue, we are para dropping with the aircraft and most places you loose the phone connection around 8-9k ft and when coming down safe sky reconnects but the connections to foreflight doesn’t re-establish

Hi @partweger
Losing LTE connection at this altitude is not abnormal.
Concerning the reconnection with ForeFlight, we will make some tests. The right way to work is an automatic reconnection, but this feature is on the ForeFlight side, not SafeSky.

Will check it.