Loss of network connectivity

Flying yesterday in Warwickshire & Worcestershire with Safesky Premium on my iPhone13 I lost network connectivity numerous times. No problem with that but then found SS would not reconnect once the network signal returned. I had to close the app swipe it away and relaunch the app.

Dear @dean05012,

Thanks for your message.
Losing connectivity is possible. The internet reception with an iPhone inside an aircraft is depending of a lot of parameters. Quality of the phone, quality of the network in the vicinity and number of antennas, position of the phone in the cockpit and of course the altitude.
Concerning the connection after losing signal, please let SAFESKY work without any manual interaction. SafeSky is able to automatically reconnect to the network when it is possible. Don’t take into consideration the green and red light…not relevant with the 3/4G connection of the phone. Too long to debate in this forum the why.

Please let me know about your next trip.

Thanks for this response & info. I’m flying again on the 19th & will let you know how I get on.