My position not indicated

Hi, I’m having problems with SafeSky not giving out my position. I receive other aircraft gps location and get a log of my flight but no gps location of myself in the map display . I’m using an iPhone X. I have tried the SafeSky app with my wife’s iPhone and had no problems?

Have you checked whether your GPS works with another application?
Did you authorise SafeSky to access your geolocation when you installed it? iOS asks for this by default when it is first installed. If you answered incorrectly at this point, there is no sharing of your GPS location.

You need to check in your iOS settings, SAfeSky and check the settings granted to SafeSky. Position sharing when the app is active, must be enabled.

Hi, my SafeSky iOS setting is ALWAYS. All other apps that use a GPS location are working correctly, thanks, Si.

This is not normal…I don’t know wha, but SafeSky is working rightly for the majority. I suggest that you delete the app and reload it from the store for a new installation with your account.
We have never experienced this problem.

Please keep us informed.

Hi, I deleted the app and reloaded. The app was giving out my position on SafeSky live. I then set up the SafeSky app as I like, checked on SafeSky live again and my position was not given. I discovered the problem to be when I link SafeSky to my EasyVFR it no longer gave my gps position on SafeSky live !!

Thanks a lot @Siax2000

I now understand what is the issue:

While easyVFR natively supports SafeSky, you can be running easyVFR as a single screen, or you could take advantage of using Split View and continue to have SafeSky radar side by side with EasyVFR navigation map.

In such configuration, if you want to avoid SafeSky to send your own position while EasyVFR is doing the same thing. For that, you need to indicate from SafeSky configuration that you are using EasyVFR. Then SafeSky App will receive traffic, but not transmit your position, give that it’s the responsibility of EasyVFR.

I understand this is not very clear, and we are going to update SafeSky app with a better explanation about this.

We do apology for the confusion.

Fly Safe,


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