UAV support in SafeSky


And thanks for a great app, the UI is very clear and inuitive.

I am working on a mobile app for Android, that among other things will allow users to inject the position provided by the UAV to the system so it could be shown by applications such as SafeSky.

Therefore, I would like to ask if selecting TakeOff for a UAV aircraft, is the position updated based on the phone GPS continously?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Andreas, thanks for your message, and all the best for your mobile app.

Indeed, SafeSky is continiously updating the aircraft from the mobile GPS.

Note that we have an API you could eventualy integrate to: SafeSky Public API

Fly Safe,


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Hi Tristan,

Thanks for your reply.

Is it also so that when SafeSky is in the background, the position is updated as well?