Hi I have Mode- s transponder in my plane and added the hex code in SafeSky. Safesky asks what type of transmissinon is used and I entered Mode-s. Works fine. Recently I got SkyEcho ( for receiving and transmitting ads-b ). and there is a option in SafeSky to connect SkyEcho as ’ external ’ device. As I can only select one type of transponder mode ( Mode-s in my case) would SkyEcho cause any proplems here as the hexcode is the same for both devices but different types of transmission modes? or is the hexcode which all matters ? As many Transponders can both send Mode-s and ads-b there should be perhabs feature in SafeSky where both transmissions type can be selected instead of single type?

Hi @Bernhard

The most important thing is the HEX code. You can switch from S-mode to ADS-B without any problem. It’s simply a piece of information that has no effect on double echo suppression.
For further explanations, we invite you to read our user manual, where connectivity with a SkyEcho is clearly explained.