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Hi SafeSky
Information from SkyEcho can be received and displayed on SafeSky , but not it appears when cell net work is lost.
Please can you update software so that SkyEcho information continues to be displayed on your app when cell network out of range.


Thank you for your message.
In theory this is already the case. Without a mobile internet connection, SafeSky should continue to display traffic from SE2.
We’ll check on our side to make sure it’s still working properly.

Have a good flight.

Hi Christophe

I keep trying different things but can’t get any traffic to display from SE2 when I have no cell network. I’m using iPad mini.



Thanks @Jonny ,

We’ll check it.
I’m copying this message to Tristan, who is in possession of our SE2 and had carried out the preliminary tests.
He will keep you informed.

All the best,
@tristan - To be followed please. Thanks.




The same effect is noted using Stratux.

When internet connection is lost all traffic stepwise disappears in SafeSky (and consequently in Skydemon) including the traffic from the Stratux. In the radar view of the Stratux traffic is still well there.

This can easily be tested on ground by having the Stratux connected to SafeSky and switching on/off the internet. All traffic slowly disappears and again pops independent if from internet or Stratux.

My understanding was that traffic from the Stratux should prioriesed and remaining visible even when internet gets lost. With the current version SafeSky blocks the Stratux input when internet connection is lost which typically happens in higher altitudes.
Please check.

By the way I have set show SafeSky with a prefix, but all traffic is shown without. Previously there was an “s”. So I cannot distinguish between Internet and Stratux traffic.


Could you please confirm if you are using the last update of SafeSky (3.01), and which OS (Apple or Android?)

I can confirm I’m on version 3.0.1 (225) operating apple iPad mini . II simulate a loss of signal by switching off mobile data in settings , bit by bit all traffic will disappear on SafeSky

same configuration at my end: SS 3.0.1 and iPad mini latest OS.

with the new update 3.0.2 (226) the problem seems to be solved.
Stratux traffic remains visible when internet connection is lost.

Sorry for this inconvenience.
It was a …bug! :wink:

It is fixed now…

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