Maybe something wrong

Hi! My configuration is: tablet without sim opened at Skydemon, telephone with Safasky, pilotaware Rosetta.
Both tablet and phone connected via WiFi to Rosetta.
I see the traffic but no difference with or without Safesky. Maybe something wrong with my setup? Actually I stopped using Safesky recently…


Pilotaware normally uses its own protocol to send data on wifi, but is also capable of sending to the tablet on GDL90.
Safesky can only use GDL90.

There is a setting in pilotaware to change the output from ‘pilotaware’ to GDL90 or both.

If you are using sky demon, then selecting the third party device as GDL90 rather than pilotaware would allow this.

Thank you for your prompt reply. I will try.
One more question. What is the advantage of using both systems rather than just pilotaware?

Found my screenshot, it is this setting under the configuration page of Pilot Aware that you need to change to allow sending of GDL 90 from PilotAware - this will allow SkyDemon etc to receive PAW, Flarm or GDL90 (PAW, Flarm, GDL90 can be selected independantly rather than All). - I have just noticed that they have added the flarm protocol as well.

You are probably aware that PilotAware gives MLAT positions for Mode S only Aircraft, they receive that Mode S data from 360radar. SafeSky also receive Mode S data, but get that data from other ground based services, and will have some Mode S data that Pilotaware does not. It also gets feeds from some of the hang gliding based solutions that are out there. Oh and all the SafeSky only traffic.

My experience is that supplements PilotAware quite well.

Thanks a lot @Cottie for pointing out the Wifi settings in PilotAware for @andreaojetti.

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