Lilygo devices with SotfRF

Hello SafeSky team.
I recently purchased a LILYGO® T-Echo with SoftRF (aka Badge Edition), and this little cheap device, loaded with the SoftRF OpenSource software, can receive and transmit some of the most popular protocols for tracking/collision avoidance of the free flying world: OGN Tracking / Fanet+ / Flarm / PilotAware.
It also comes with e-ink display with a nice “radar” view making it very handy for aircrafts without a proper cockpit, like paragliders.
As described in the compatibility section of the SoftRF, the device can communicate to external device via Flarm NMEA/ Garmin GDL90, depending on which tracking protocol is picked.
Will this device (and/or the rest of the SoftRF devices) be made compatible with SafeSky?
The device already integrates with Stratux, but I would be interested in a direct communication between the T-Echo and the SafeSky app. The most interesting part would be being able to relay the data the T-Echo is reading into the SafeSky network.

Thank you for your time.

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Hello @elgandoz

This is indeed very interesting, and is something we would like to evaluate further.

If anyone want to reach out to to help - we could be elaborating on integrating SafeSky traffic to SoftRF.


Myself, I am flying with lillygo T beam v2 flashed with softrf and assigned to OGN. during testing I was getting, a little dealy warning, on my running SafeSky app in flight. Others on the ground where also able to track me wit altitude and heading information.