iOS app hanging when choosing a photo

iOS user here.

Downloaded the app.
Have subscribed.

Every time I want to create an aircraft profile and upload a photo, the app hangs. iPhone and iPad.

Anyone else have this problem and/or a fix?


Just make a test now. It’s working. No issues.

Could you please check the version number?

Check also authorisation of SafeskY to access pictures?

Thanks for your reply.

Version 2.1.5. (155).

I just tried to upload a photo to a plane profile.

Same problem again - the app just hangs.

The app has all iOS permissions for photos.

Strangely enough, I can take a photo and add it to the plane profile, but I cannot choose a photo from the iPhone album.

It must be a bug - when I first used the app and the app asked for permissions to access photos, I refused by mistake.

I then closed the app and changed the permissions in the iOS settings. It seems as if the permissions somehow are still somehow not recognized in the app.

Hello @Urzwoo ,

It can take a bit of time before the camera roll appears on screen, depending on the size of your library. On an older iPad, I see it taking like… one minute before opening.

If you can you actually take a picture from the aircraft profile and assign it, or use the ‘pick avatar’ from the predefine list of icons, then it’s working fine. It’s likely the camera roll on IOS that is slow to appear.

I invite you to try one more time please.

Fly Safe,


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Many thanks for that - waiting quite a while was the answer.

Perhaps a small comment in the app will help potential new users avoid the same confusion I had?

“Preparing the import of a photo might take a little while…please be patient.”

Glad it’s working now. Indeed, a notification is necessary while loading, thanks for the suggestion, we are adding this to the next release.

Fly Safe,


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