Application Error

After i want to chose a photo of my plane, the app freeze and with the next start i get following message :

Application Error
The connection to the server was unsuccessful localhost/index.htm

After this i have to uninstal the app and install it new.

Thanks for your message.
Is it running correctly now?

Thanks for your feedback.

Hello Erkens,

no, i still have the same problem
That the Crashes, If i want to chose a photo.

Best regards

Stange, because can’t reproduce this error. On my side, it’s working without any issues.

Could you please precise some details?

  • Are you using a free or a premium version?
  • Apple iOS or Android?
  • Phone or tablet?
  • Where are you trying to download your picture? A server, a cloud access, the device?

Thanks for your reply.

Hallo ,

First, thanks for your answer.

i use Android 14.
Free Version
Handy Google Pixel 4a

Best regards

Hi Ralf,

Do you have upgraded SafeSky to the last version?