Country can not he upload

Hello there is no country list available to upload in " manage countries", , any ideas how to solve?

I have the same problem posted, no answer.

Hello pilots,

Thanks for your message and sorry to @Mikael. Our team is small and we are trying to drive all subjects at the same time. Above this, Aero 2023 is in preparation and we are all focused on this major event. Our booth is A6-404, so don’t hesitate to visit us if you think to participate.
Some issues with Android (not with iOS) was fixed and this morning a new version is available in the PlayStore.
So may I ask you to update your version, and make a Log Out - Log in.
Normally, this issue is fixed.

Please keep me posted if this is the case.

Thanks for your participation to help us to improve SafeSky…

Fly safe

Hi Guy’s…please wait tomorrow the all new version before updating the app…
The last one is not correct, and will not help you.

Thanks for your understanding.


New version is available on the Store, and fix this problem.
Please could you download this last version on the PlayStore, and after be sure to Log Out and Log In.

Normally this problem is solved.
Let me know if now the app is running rightly…

We apologise for this inconvenience.

Enjoy your flights with SafeSky