FlyIsFun coupling with SafeSky

As I am regularly using the FlyIsFun Android application to monitor my flights, I liaised with the author (Petr Kouril) to implement a GDL90 coupling with SafeSky.
After a number of tests with a beta version, this is now part of the FlyIsFun release.
In FlyIsFun, you need to go to : Application Settings>Preferences>External data source>GDL90 and:

  • Set the “Use it” switch to on
  • Define the SSID name as “AlwaysListen”
  • Define the Port number as 4000 (or leave it blank as 4000 is the default value)
  • Select only “Traffic” (do not select GPS, AHRD, Slip, G force).

In SafeSky, you only need to activate traffic sharing ans select “generic GDL90” or “FlyIsFun” as application (Tristan kindly added this option on my request).

Last but not least, for the function to work in flight, FlyIsFun should only be started after selecting the 3G/4G mobile data network on your smartphone/tablet, disabling WiFi and starting SafeSky. Otherwise, FlyIsFun would use the Wifi IP to listen to SafeSky and would not get data when flying with only mobile data.
This issue is not specific to FlyIsFun; same happens with SDVFR if you start it using Wifi and later only rely on mobile data.

Thanks for this message Roger!
Good news!
Very usefull for all pilots using FlyIsFun !