Feature idea -> mobile network coverage map

Good evening to all pilots and developer,

in the past months of flying I was trying to find the best anti-collision solution for me. Spending several hours mainly with Stratux in several different configurations according to

  • how to feed the data into my Foreflight
  • connecting Stratux in client-mode and the iPad to my Hotspot on the phone
  • or using the Stratux AP mode
  • or using Stratux in AP+Client mode
  • Stratux in conjunction with SafeSky ?
  • and so on…

Well, I ended up with just using Safesky :sweat_smile:

But, as you all know: The mobile network was not designed to be available at high altitudes.

Then I came across this article where a pilot used an mobile LTE hotspot with an external antenna on his plane. Since I am a new user I am not allowed to post links here :neutral_face:

That led to my idea…

What about collecting some flight meta data while safesky is running? Or better said: Divide a track into n data points containing:

  • used network operator (MCC, MNC, LAC and CellID)
  • Of course, the signal strength
  • position data
  • altitude
  • optional: mobile device model

You could save all the data temporary on the mobile and upload it after landing.

  1. Use this data to create a heatmap as a layer for your live service. Or serve a dedicated online map where users can check the network coverage depending on the altitude.

What do you think about that idea ?

Kind regards and happy landings,

I’m also a safesky&stratux user. You ended up with just using safesky. In this way you make other pilots that use OGN devices unable to see you and, if no OGN station are reached by their signals, you cannot see them. Also, you give up to the traffic sharing between your Stratux and the Safesky network. Please, consider to go back to use Stratux with Safesky to improve overall safety.