Cannot get past personal data screen

Just downloaded app to iPhone and iPad Pro. Neither will let me get past the personal data sceen. Getting an x at the end of each entry. What am I doing wrong. Yes I have looked at the manual.


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Same issue here, incredibly frustrating. Won’t let me get out of the personal data screen no matter what I do, running on IPhone.

I’m getting the same thing here on my iPad Mini (17.4.1) - you suppress the disclaimer, login and it pops the profile page, where you pick a picture, username, full name, etc. You just can’t save the data and move past this screen.

When you look at setup screenshots of the app it shows a save button in the top of the box, however it’s not there.

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Sorry for this inconvenience. This problem was fixed with the very last version of SAfeSky.
Be sure to download the last update !!

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