Auto Stop SafeSky after landing

When I land it happens many times that I forget to tell SafeSky that I am on the ground.
So it continues broadcasting my position while I am in my car heading home.
I remember that a feature has been introduced that will automatically stop broadcasting after a certain time on the ground.
Has that feature been introduced? How do I activate that?
Thanks very much for the great app, I use it almost daily and I am so happy with the safety that it brings.

Hello Robert,

Indeed, SafeSky is stopping transmitting 10 minutes after landing. We are going to investigate, thanks for reporting this,

Fly Safe,


Same problem I have had yesterday.

Hi Tristan, SafeSky does not automatically switch to “landed” after my plane did land.
It will continue in the “flying mode” even an hour after I landed (and will never auto-land).
It runs on my Google Pixel 6a, version 3.0.7 (330).
Thank you and best regards.