Closing the app on Android

I probably miss something but how do I close the app on Android?
If I try to close with the “back” button nothing happens. The only way to really close the app is kill it.



Hi E. !

Thanks for your feedback!
In android we indeed have no ‘closing’ button. You have to kill the app to close it. That is the way android handles this…

Don’t forget to ‘stop’ flying in SafeSky. Otherwise you continue to transmit your position…

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Hi Paul,
Sometimes, after landing, I have forgotten to hit the “Stop” button in SafeSky and I assume that my phone continued transmitting its position and told other pilots that I was racing over the highway home at zero altitude. Is that correct?
Would it be difficult to create a function in SafeSky that would sense that “my phone” is already 45 minutes on the ground at would stop the App from transmitting my position?
Thank you and best regards, Robert.

Hi Robert,

That is indeed an issue …
Today we advise pilots to take op in their checklist:
-before lining up : make yourself ‘visible’: landing lights, transponder and SafeSky : ON
-after landing : landing lights, transponder and SafeSky OFF

We are working on a solution to (automatically) stop transmitting after landing. We hope to launch this in the coming weeks. So stay tuned, we will surely communicate about this.

Best regards,